A Review of Phnom Penh’s Condominium Market.

By Bobby Peoples – Country Director of HomeConnect Cambodia A quick tour of Phnom Penh can’t help but give you the impression that there is a major building boom in progress, probably the biggest since the Khmers undertook the famous Angkor nearly one thousand years ago, yet no temples this time, this time its condo’s…. Read more »

Long-awaited Hun Sen Boulevard slated for completion in mid-2016

Long-awaited Hun Sen Boulevard slated for completion in mid-2016

The much-anticipated Hun Sen Boulevard – which will be the largest road in Phnom Penh once completed – is to be finished in the middle of this year, said Meas Virya, head of ING Holdings technical department. The 60-metre wide road will be accompanied by a 15-metre wide curbside. The total length of 9 kilometres… Read more »

Effects of Chinese slowdown on Cambodian real estate not all bad

Cambodian experts still find myriads of reasons for and against the impacts that China’s slower-than-anticipated economic growth could have on the Cambodian real estate market while the overall results remain obscure. Ann Sothida, deputy director of CBRE Cambodia, who has worked with many Chinese investors, told Post Property on Tuesday that backlashes to the local… Read more »

Chinese construction in Cambodia unaffected by mainland slowdown but locals fear the worst

The global uncertainty concerning the health of China’s economy once again raised fears after last week’s large corrections on the Chinese stock market sent tremors across world indices. While the Chinese slowdown may even be more dire than predicted, local experts have mixed reactions on what it means for the Cambodian real estate sector despite… Read more »

Residential developments shift towards mid-range condos

High-end condominium supply continues to outpace demand for the lack of ability to serve locals’ housing needs while the stress on Phnom Penh to further urbanise accelerates. Thus, developers are starting to focus on mid-range condominiums to cater to the slow but growing middle class that are altering their conventional housing habits, real estate experts… Read more »